Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bedroom IIIa & IIIb

My trek to the Queen West Antiques Centre this past Saturday yielded a couple more floorplans for my bedroom thanks to these 2 beautiful dressers I saw, one of which was a 5' wide, 3x3 drawer configuration and another which was about 3.5' and 4x1. Given their dimensions, I wasn't sure at first that they would fit since I thought my bedroom was 12' long, but I was wrong. It's actually 13.9', and that's when I started scheming.

I thought initially that I'd stick to my original plan of having a dresser on either side, like this:

The problem with this idea is that this elevation looks really funny with the different heights of the 2 dressers and the headboard...plus, how will my beautiful purple lamps look at different levels?

After chatting it over with AL, we came up with this next scheme, which is a more effective and efficient use of the space since both dressers will be closest to the closet and I won't have to walk all the way around my bed to get to some of my wardrobe:

This new plan shakes things up a number of different ways:

1. I will have to shop for a mirror to place over the wider dresser, which opens up a whole new world of shopping opportunities for me - not a big deal since I really love the look of Venetian glass mirrors and this is my chance to incorporate it into my scheme...the problem now is finding one in the right size at the right price.

2. I will have to refinish the dressers since they're in a dark wood finish right now and a bit worn with age - I'm thinking glossy white - so I will have to call around to get quotes. Logistically this is a pain in the ass, but the quality of the dressers is so much better then what I would end up with if I cheap out and go the Ikea route.

3. What to do about my purple lamps? They're BIG, so I don't think one will fit on the little night table I've got in place on the left...so I was thinking on either side of the mirror to balance off the dresser....but wouldn't the left side of the room be cast in shadow then? This perhaps means a new lamp...and there was a gorgeous vintage one I saw in the same store as the dressers...problem is whether or not it will need to be re-wired.

4. Of course, I don't even know if the dressers are still available for sale. Someone could have fallen for them after I left the store and snatched them up. But I will call later this week to see if they're still there...and if so, I'm going to stop by again this Saturday for another look-see and to take measurements...if they're still there and the price is right, then they were meant to be mine.

That's all I can think of at the moment....my head is super-busy with ideas again...not only am I re-thinking my bedroom, I'm also reconsidering my living room since I'm pulling my Zoey chair out of that plan to place in this one. This being the case, sectionals are back in the mix! I'll post about that soon as it's well past my bed time.

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