Thursday, April 24, 2008

6K to Ice Cream!

I went for another run tonight after work with AL. The grand plan was to run 6K tonight with ice cream as the motivator, so we mapped out a route with Summer's Ice Cream in Yorkville as our goal.

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I surprised myself with how easy the run was since I've been running 5K fairly consistently. For some reason, I thought tacking on the extra kilometre would be harder but it really wasn't. I did get a bit of a stitch in the last 1K but I was able to run through it and made it to the end without being too too winded.

The only thing that made me feel out of sorts was walking through the heart of Yorkville all sweaty in my running clothes. AL needed to make a pit stop at Manulife Centre and we walked through the underground path towards Holt Renfrew, where he wanted to take the escalator up and out, but I refused. I just couldn't bring myself to walk into Holt Renfrew of all places in my workout gear. I.JUST.COULD.NOT. So we walked further and found and escalator up and out through a random office building a little further west.

I felt slightly uncomfortable walking about Yorkville and Cumberland streets where all the wannabe "beautiful" people were out on the patios but once I had my ice cream, I got over it...and maybe felt a little...dare I say...proud...?...for doing so well on this first long run out. Maybe I won't embarass myself running the 10K next Sunday after all!

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