Saturday, April 12, 2008

My fantastic vintage finds!

I spent the rainy afternoon doing one of my favourite things - shopping for furniture! And boy did I do well today!

First off, I went back to the Queen West Antiques Centre to take another look at a set of vintage 1950s dressers I'd seen last week.  I saw this wide 3x3 chest of drawers first and was immediately taken by the lovely handles of the outer drawers and the scalloped drawer front of the middle ones:

It wasn't until I turned around that I noticed the matching chest of drawers below (you can better-see the detail of the legs here - aren't they cute?):

I couldn't remember the exact dimensions of my bedroom and I wasn't sure how I'd place them so I left empty-handed.  I couldn't stop thinking about them though - the curvalicious drawer fronts, the scroll-esque handles and the abundant storage potential - I spent a lot of time the last week daydreaming about what I'd do with them...I think I finally figured it out and hightailed it down after lunch today in the hopes that they were still there, waiting for my to buy them...and they were!

I examined them more closely this time around and noticed that the veneered surface is a little banged up and that there are even a couple of fairly deep scratches on the surface of the wider dresser - so I think I'll definitely have to refinish them...some wood filler and a few coats of glossy white paint on my part and nickel-plating of the hardware on the part of a specialist and these dressers will be good as new.

I also picked up this unlicensed Eileen Gray-designed bedside table below.  It's perfect for my needs as the height is completely adjustable and the chrome base offers up additional sparkle.

I'm beginning to think my virtual bedroom is looking rather eclectic in style now...but that's OK because I love everything in it.

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The Lone Beader said...

That's awesome! I love most everything from the 50's.. I think I was born in the wrong decade! LOL.

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