Sunday, July 31, 2011


After much planning on my part, I'm pretty much packed and ready to go tomorrow for my 3 week jaunt to Thailand/Cambodia.

And for the first time ever, I feel like I've packed fairly light: 4 tank tops, 3 t-shirts, 2 dresses, a skirt, 3 scarves, 3 pairs of pants in varied lengths, a cardi and 4 pairs of shoes/sandals.  OK, so maybe I'll buy some clothes there - they'll be more appropriate for the weather anyway.  (I'm still surprised by how much I've come to like orange of late -  see how much it figures in my wardrobe to the right) - when I've never really liked it before and have been meaning to write a blog about it but have obviously been lazy on that score.)

I'm super-excited!  There will be scads of temples and buddhas to ooh and aah over in the next few weeks.  I've plans for a cycling tour, as well as a cooking class in Chiang Mai; a fish pedicure in Bangkok; maybe learning to snorkel around Koh Samui; 3 days touring Angkor Wat with a private guide; maybe an elephant ride; and if at all possible, a massage every day.

There will be free wifi in all my hotels (that was actually a pre-requisite) so I'll try to blog while I'm gone but I shan't make any promises.

Until then, จะดูแลและจะปลอดภัย!*

* Take care and be safe in Thai.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

This is seriously bananas: Toronto is officially in the midst of a heat wave which I can not be happier about because the last few summers have been so crap.  LOOK AT THE FORECAST FOR TOMORROW!  38C but feels like 48C?!  It's hotter in Toronto than it is in Thailand (eeeeee!!!) where I will be in 12 more sleeps!  I must admit, the fantastic weather here makes me feel a teeny-tiny bit regretful that I'll be leaving on vacation soon and missing out on the rest of the summer here. 

And despite the heat, I haven't yet turned on my A/C, which surprises me a little given that I'm south-facing.  I reckon having the lake nearby makes a difference since there is a nice breeze coming off it and keeping my shades down all day helps too.  Feeling rather virtuous and green, never mind how happy my checkbook is for not having to spend the funds to cool down. :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Update

How's your summer?  The weather in Toronto has been fantastic and planner that I am, based on how the last couple weekends have unfolded I'm learning that sometimes it's best to let things evolve organically.

Last weekend, I saw Hugh Jackman live in concert - he is amazing amazing amazing! - with WL and this was the only thing we had planned.  But afterwards, we browsed bicycle shops, had dinner at Jules and ended up watching Bridesmaids which was hilarious!

This weekend, WL and I had plans to watch Harry Potter 7B.  The End.  Such bittersweet feelings for the end of an era...I almost wish I had taken the time to re-read the series from The Beginning, but at the very least, we saw HP7A again the night before, which was a good thing because there was so much I had forgotten.  It did NOT disappoint and I cried, although not as much as I thought I would.

Over lunch at Khao San Road afterwards we talked about the movies and how, while HP7B was wonderful, it wasn't as wonder-ful as the first, because it was in the first that we were introduced to the magical world of Hogwarts personified.  Sigh.

Anyway, we walked through the U of T campus on our way to Yorkville to do some shopping and met up with our friends S&W at Anthropologie.  While WL already had dinner plans, S&W and I made our way to Fanny Chadwick's and then I walked home.  All in all, I walked the distance of a 1/2 marathon yesterday...which, considering that I'm contemplating training for an actual half, wasn't all that bad.  I opted out of a run this morning though and just went to hot yoga which was just what my tight body needed.  I felt amazingly loose and chilled chilled out that after lunch, I took a nap out on my balcony.  Every weekend should be like this... :)

I hope you're enjoying our perfect summer!

Friday, July 08, 2011

One last hurrah

I'm headed to Thailand in about 3 weeks for 3 weeks - 5 days of which will be spent on the beach.  So, in order to get bikini-ready, I told my trainer, K that we needed to cut short our build phase to get into burn, which is all well and good.  Burn means sets in the 16+ rep range and lighter weights and protein days that involve a limited carbs and no fruit because of the fructose, which the body immediately converts into fat

I've gotten the protein days down and I've cut fruit before and gotten great results but it's summer now.  And that means lychee are in season - a short season but still.  So I'm being REALLY bad.  I picked up a bag of lychee Tuesday night from my local Chinese grocer that was on special for $0.99/lbs. They were sooo sweet and juicy, with small seeds and lots of meat. 

I have fond memories of eating lychee as a kid.  My parents used to own a Chinese grocery themselves and I remember sitting with my family outside, eating them from the case. Those were the days...

I went back to my grocer after work today to check if the lychee were still on special and picked up 4lbs.  These will be the last of the season for me.  I promise - never mind the 2 pints of strawberries I picked up for $3.50.  I think I'll freeze most of them to bake more scones since my mom really enjoyed the coconut berry ones I made last.
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