Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

This is seriously bananas: Toronto is officially in the midst of a heat wave which I can not be happier about because the last few summers have been so crap.  LOOK AT THE FORECAST FOR TOMORROW!  38C but feels like 48C?!  It's hotter in Toronto than it is in Thailand (eeeeee!!!) where I will be in 12 more sleeps!  I must admit, the fantastic weather here makes me feel a teeny-tiny bit regretful that I'll be leaving on vacation soon and missing out on the rest of the summer here. 

And despite the heat, I haven't yet turned on my A/C, which surprises me a little given that I'm south-facing.  I reckon having the lake nearby makes a difference since there is a nice breeze coming off it and keeping my shades down all day helps too.  Feeling rather virtuous and green, never mind how happy my checkbook is for not having to spend the funds to cool down. :)

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