Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I'd made an appointment for 8pm with a guy named Dino to come over and take a look at my vintage dressers. I wanted an estimate for how much it'd cost to repair the scratches and damaged veneer and then paint it white.

I rushed back from another appointment only to be stood up. An hour later and he still has not shown. I am not impressed.

On the more reliable front, I did get a call back from Michael today - a man I spoke with yesterday who was following up with me about the availabilty and cost of a Saarinen-esque pedestal table...yes...I am considering getting a copy if only to save myself a couple thousand dollars, which is not an insignificant amount! Anyway, he left me a voicemail to say that there isn't one in stock in their international network so a custom one would have to be made for me in Italy, hence an 8-9 week lag from order to delivery, which suits me just fine. I'm now It in this game of phone tag.

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