Sunday, April 20, 2008

Let's Sleep...

Here's how I sort of envision my bedroom:
I have most of the elements: the vintage dressers I picked up yesterday afternoon need to be painted white, as does the screen I got from Pier 1 that I'm going to use as a headboard. The lamps, chair and endtable are ready as they are, so all that remains is the floor lamp, bed, mirror and ultimate paint colour...which I imagine as a red-violet.


sidewise said...

Pier 1 as a headboard!! What a brilliant idea! I may have to steal this one. :) I'm in love with that chair and the dresser too..

Jane Flanagan said...

I like this and your other schemes a lot! It's great to see everything you've talked about come together. It does all mesh beautifully.

I seem to remember (way back) some talk of wallpaper in the bedroom? Is that out? I'd love to see one wall break up the pale purple paint.

I'm looking forward to seeing the floor lamp you get too - I like where you're headed with the concept piece.

Finally, am delighted to see that you fared so well at Queen West Antiques! I think you owe me for the day off I took to go down there and blog about it;)

phoenix said...

Thanks, Jane! :)

You're right, I had mentioned wallpaper in the bedroom. I would still love to do it but I don't think that's something I could do right away. It all comes down to money in the end and impatient as I am to make the vision a reality, I have to be practical and consider what it is that I really need.

And yes, I do owe you one for that day off!

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