Sunday, March 09, 2008

Living/Dining II

I was out last night watching the CanStage production of The Clean House and while the performance was great, I couldn't help but think about the latest idea I have for my living room...part of me wishes the time would just hurry up and pass so I can stop thinking about what I'm going to buy and just buy it already. Granted, you could argue that there's nothing to stop me from ordering things now, but purchasing 5 months ahead is too far in advance lest I change my's a mildly obsessive-compulsive vicious cycle, I know. :)

So here's what I'm thinking:

Clockwise from bottom left: Sofa fabric in 100% Cotton - "Stowe Away" in Natural, Nadine Sofa by Robin Bruce, 1 of a pair of lamps from Caban which I bought at their closing sale 2 summers ago, mirrored end table at Direct Interiors, rug by Bev Hisey (or something similar in Cream and Chocolate), Tobo TV Bench at Ikea, a pair of Shantou Boxes at Pier 1 Imports to act as coffee tables, Zoey Chair (I have one already), throw pillows in "Lotus" and "Green Stripes" at Bed.

I'm exploring different options for the dining area, but I'm loving the Saarinen Tulip table with a marble top - if only it wasn't so dear! As for the chairs to go with it - I've presently got about a dozen candidates and have provided an endless amount of amusement for my cube-mates because we'll be riding the elevator back up from Tim Hortons (0-for-I've-lost-count-in-Roll-Up-The-Rim-To-Win-but-who's-keeping-score-anyway-I'm-not-bitter-no-I'm-not) and AL will look at me and tell me to quiet down in my brain because he can tell I'm thinking about chairs.

P.S. Updated floorplan with the Noah Tufted Storage Ottoman from Sunpan Imports below substituted in for the 2 storage-boxes-cum-coffee-tables and the 2nd chair. The ottoman in this scheme is actually 37"x37" compared to the 35.5"x35.5" Noah.


Jane Flanagan said...

I like this plan a lot! I read / heard a designer interviewed and he said that we should take care of how many identical pairs of things we have in a room - it makes it more formal

If that's a concern, maybe the second armchair could be a different style?

Jane Flanagan said...

PS - what size Saarinen is this?

phoenix said...

It's funny you should mention the matched pairs in this scheme because I came up with an alternate plan yesterday after browsing the latest catalogue for Sunpan Imports!

Imagine away the chair to the right and the 2 storage-boxes-cum-coffee tables and put in its place the Noah Tufted Storage Ottoman in Cream Leather (p. 34 of the linked pdf) set off-centre to the right of the rug. I'd place a lacquered tray atop it and fill it with pretty objets, or what my mother likes to refer to as "dust collectors."

Also, the table in the plan is 60" in diameter - it was the only size in the software - if I were to get the Saarinen, I'd probably go down a size (the price differential is significant), but since I've been sourcing alternate, more affordable pedestal tables, 60" may still be do-able.

Jane Flanagan said...

Nice! I prefer this and have always loved the ottoman-come-coffee table look.

I think a size down from the 60" is a good idea, otherwise the dining table might swarm the room - it looks disproportionately large in the floorplan, and moreso in person with all that white.

You know what would be lovely off to the side? Some Eames-style wooden stools. They'd add a sculptural quality and some extra seating and also another modern design accent to tie back to the tulip.

phoenix said...

Hmm...good point about the size of the table. While the Eames molded plywood lounge chair in natural cherry is my favourite with the Tulip, I rather like the look of the Victoria Ghost side chairs too. Also, I like the idea of something more modern and sculptural...I'm totally smitten with the Yanagi Butterfly Stool in rosewood.

How will I ever afford this scheme? If I decide not to settle for anything less than my ideal, I will probably have to go without a dining set for at least half a year considering that I will be furnishing my place essentially from scratch. I need to win the lottery or make more money!

Jane Flanagan said...

I hear you - I feel completely the same way. And, in a sense, buying one dream thing scares me because everything else will pale in comparison.

The thing to remember (and remind yourself constantly!) is the best rooms, those Domino rooms we die over, Sarah Richardson's designs too, all mix high and low. The hardest part is deciding where to splurge and where to save. And you should only ever splurge on those things you're truly smitten by.

And also remember, very little of this will really last a lifetime. People say it will, but you'll repurpose some, or give it away or move on. So, build your home for now and trust that it's not your one and only shot at all of this. You will get a chance to do it again and places that get done in one fell swoop are ultimately flat and lacking personality!

(that's as much of a pep talk as I ever muster!!)

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