Saturday, March 29, 2008

The luxury of time

I picked up a few items today that will be re-fashioned between now and August 13th - the first are a pair of brass endtables which I purchased at Moveline Liquidators, thanks to a tip from Wanderluster for $20(!) They're a bit banged up but that's OK because I'm going to send them out to be nickel-plated - an idea I got from an episode of Cityline a while back - after which they will be shiny and new again.

I plan on having new mirrors cut to serve as the top - the original glass was all scratched up and besides, I love the glam mirrored look which will reflect the light from the lamps I plan to place atop them. I'm also debating whether or not to get another piece cut to sit atop the X-frame at the bottom to serve as a shelf. This would certainly be a more practical option storage-wise, but I love the perhaps a clear glass shelf? Do you think it would look funny if the top was mirrored but the bottom was glass? Funny or not, I'm getting what I'm sure will be great additions to my living room for a fraction of the cost of buying brand new. So yay for money saved!

I stopped by my office afterwards to pick up the Hana floor screen I had bought on sale during the week at Pier 1 - it was too cumbersome and heavy to maneuver through the rush hour crush on the subway ride home so I stored it in an empty office the last few days. The story behind this screen is that I had actually picked one up over the Easter weekend on sale, but I found a floor model at the store near Eaton Centre that was even cheaper. The cost differential was enough for dinner at a modestly-priced I'm going to have to return the first one I bought tomorrow.

The red colour isn't right for what I have in mind, but I do love the carved detail and have plans to paint it white at some point. I'm not particularly keen about the tedious sanding that will be required to refinish the screen. My uncle may be able to help me now that he's retired, but if not, I'm going to send it out to get done. I nosed around and discovered Benjamin Refinishers, the company that does work for Sarah Richardson, so they will be the first I call if it comes to that!

Everything's slowly coming together...!

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Wanderluster said...

Ooh, I'm so jealous! Those are gorgeous and will look even better nickel-plated and with a mirror. I'd probably hold off on the glass until you do the mirror and the plating... you might like it bare :) Ok, now I really have to visit that store...I haven't even had a chance to pop by there myself, lol.

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