Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Best laid plans...

I had this great plan for my half-day this Friday: I bought a pass for the Fringe Festival, and I was going to go watch at least 3 shows ALL BY MYSELF. Something I've never done before on purpose* because I've always been worried about what people would think about me sitting by myself watching a show - like that Sex and the City episode, when Carrie goes out to see a movie all by herself on "date night" and Charlotte freaks out the next day over brunch because you're not supposed to go out by yourself on date night since everyone will think you're a loser.

But it occured to me that with all my friends coupled off, I can't think like this because I'll miss out on so many fun things. Besides, my friends aren't necessarily interested in the same things as I am anyway, so either way, I'd be out a companion.

So, la la la, I had this grand plan of heading down to the Fringe Club to pick up my pass by 12:45 and then hopping on the TTC to make the 1:45 show of Serena de Bergerac, which would be followed by Searching for Degrassi at 3:15, and end with Wedding Belles at 5:15. Of course, my pass is only good for redemption of tickets at the door, so given the tight timing in between shows and the fact that the first and second shows are at venues about 10/15 minutes apart, I'd be cutting it really close.

And then about 3pm today my plans unravelled a little. I got a message to say that the hiring manager for the position I'd applied to at my old company wanted to meet me tomorrow morning at 9am. He'd left for the day, but could I please leave him a voicemail to confirm whether or not I would be able to make it.

It must be a good sign that they want to meet me so soon, considering that I had only just sent my old manager my CV yesterday via email...but who tries to set something up so.last.minute? There was no way for me to conjure up a suitable white lie about a doctor's appointment and I'd like at least a day to prepare and get myself into the right mindset, so I left him a voicemail to say that I had a meeting tomorrow morning but I was free to meet Friday afternoon or sometime next week when it was mutually convenient. So now I wait for him to call me back.

One way or another, I'll be freaking out tomorrow night: if my interview is scheduled for Friday afternoon, I'll be stressed preparing for it and if not, then I'll be quietly freaking out and reassuring myself that no, those other people tomorrow who are out with friends won't be staring at me and talking about me behind my back with pity because I'm all alone and have no friends - my paranoia gets the better of me sometimes. :)

* I had gotten tickets to see a play at the Shaw Festival with the ex, who had flown in for a long weekend from overseas before heading back to the West Coast. He sat with me through to the first intermission before pleading jetlag and spending the rest of the play sleeping in the car.


Anonymous said...

hi there..nice to meet u...
and good to discover your blog...

Wired Right Brain

Movie Community

Anonymous said...

You should definitely try to catch Serena de Bergerac. I saw it while Fringing today and it was my favourite of the six plays I've seen so far.

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