Monday, July 23, 2007

Confession time

I have been a total slug this month. Why? Well, I've gone running a grand total of 3 times in all of July to date. THREE TIMES!

BUT! After running 6K today - a personal best distance-wise - I can't say this laziness has had a negative impact on me, particularly since last I ran was two weeks ago today. :)

I didn't think getting beyond 5K would be so easy, but it perhaps getting to 10K won't take me as long as I thought! I'm rather excited now for my next run! Maybe tomorrow, although I wonder if it's a little too ambitious...I don't want to overwork my body and lose momentum...So perhaps a Bodyflow class is in order to stretch out all the muscles...? :)


william d. anderson said...

damn it, i've been running 2-3 days a week for the past several weeks. i'm still not up to 6k. you...with your reading and probably eat chocolate and have the motabolism of a race horse. i'd have to call in sick to work, and tell my wife i'm on a business trip to get to read the new harry potter book. i'm so jealous.

congrats on 6k. that's great. keep up the good work. =)

phoenix said...

Ooh, I WISH I had the metabolism of a horse! But my hips tell me otherwise! As for the 6K, thank you. :) To be honest, it's the guilt from all the 3-course meals last week that compelled me to run. And damn, it felt good! Went to my bodyflow class tonight and am going to haul my ass out to run tomorrow.

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