Saturday, July 07, 2007

Simply Fantastic

Richard Lautens/Toronto Star

I came across this article in today's paper about a Hindu temple going up at Hwy 27 and Finch and from the looks and sound of it, it's simply fantastic:

- the local Hindu community paid for the $40 million building without any public or foundation funding and provided 400 volunteer workers
- the materials include marble from India and Italy and limestone from Turkey which were first shipped to a series of villages in India where they were sculpted into their final form
- there is no steel amongst the 24,000 individual parts as the walls are all load-bearing and every element is carved in stone: the 340 columns are solid rock, the curved interiors of the domes are sculpted from marble and held in place with keystones and even the balustrades are made of carved stone

The project, begun in 2005 and officially opening July 22, will have taken only 18 months to build given that construction stopped in the winter months.

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