Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day!

I'm pretty Canadian in that I don't really think about what it means to be Canadian most of the time. The only time I'm particularly "rah rah Canada" is during the Olympics, otherwise, I'm super-low key about my patriotism.

But stuff like this cheesey Molson Canadian commercial - a sequel, I guess, to their fabulously clever and funny "I am Canadian" spot appeals to the nostalgic sucker in me - from the final stake of the railway being pounded in which connects the nation from "sea to sea," to the soliders getting ready to go to war, the Dominon flag with its Union Jack being lowered and the Maple Leaf being proudly introduced, to the ubiqutous references to hockey and freakin' William Shatner.

On this day, 140 years ago, the British North America Act which established Canada as a confederation came into effect. It was originally known as Dominion Day making reference to the term "dominion," which was first used to describe a political union within the British Empire for Canada. The name was officially changed to Canada Day in October of 1982, due in large part because in the spring of that same year, Canada gained full sovereignty from the British Parliament and the Queen. (Good to know all those years studying Canadian History was not wasted.)

Alors, Bonne Fete Canada!

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The Lone Beader said...

Interesting that your Canada Day is only 3 days before our Independence Day...

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