Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pricing, packaging, etc.

I met my friend at her studio last night to discuss pricing for my jewelry. I've never sold anything in a store before so I'm not sure at what price points to start, although we had discussed ranges when I first approached her to take her up on her offer to sell my pieces on consignment.

It was a productive meeting: I showed her the pieces I've made so far and we talked about markups - she's suggested a range of between 300-500%, depending on the piece, but I'm a little skeptical that someone will pay that much. I'm going to trust her though since she knows her clientele. She does a lot of bridal, and her rationale is that if a bride is going to spend $3-4K on a dress, what's a few hundred for a unique necklace that can be custom-designed for her if she so chooses?

We discussed packaging too, which I've been putting off...and now I'm glad I did because she had some great ideas on that score too. I had already decided on a chocolate brown and pink theme for my packaging - I love this combination - and after stopping at a couple places tonight for samples, I sketched my idea...and now I'm excited!

We talked about my debut - she wants me to be ready in time for Chinese New Year, which is February 17th - so I will be very busy in the next 3 weeks getting ready. I've always worked better with a deadline, so this is just the kick in the butt I needed!

I measured the display case she'll be clearing out for me - it's 6.6' x 2.3' - bigger than I remembered, so aside from sourcing all the packaging and photographing everything for my marketing portfolio, I'll be working on additional pieces to fill the space, which is the most fun for me anyway. So another full weekend ahead!

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