Sunday, January 07, 2007

I am weak

My original plan for the weekend was as follows:

Morning: Bamiyan for bead supplies
Afternoon: Mandarin class
Evening: Jewelry

Morning: Gym
Afternoon: Packaging reconnaissance / Jewelry
Evening: Jewelry

But it seems the trend for waylaid plans continues: I did in fact make it to Bamiyan in the morning. I spent a productive 2 hours there, much of the time just exploring the aisle of silver findings. I left around 12:20 and didn't have much time to get a real lunch before my mandarin class at 1, so I just ended up getting a chocolate chip muffin and a coffee at the Tim Hortons. Class was fun - I had the same instructor for this class as my last, and there were also a number of other students I knew too.

By the time class was over at 4 my poor diet today had caught up with me. I was weak and trembling from hunger - not noticably, but I could feel it. So I ended up gorging on sticky rice which my aunt had made - soooo yummy.

I had gotten a text message while I was in class from my friends to go out for drinks instead of staying home like a good little worker bee, I went out. You only live once, right? We ended up at Lot 16, where they have the smoothest chocolate martinis I've tasted in recent memory - rather like chocolate milk without the cream. By about 12:30am though, hunger had set in again - all of us had had small dinners - so we headed back to Mamma's by my friend's place to pick up some pizza, and settled in for a viewing of Mean Girls, which was quite enjoyable. (Whatever happened to Lindsay Lohan? She was such a pretty girl and now she looks unhealthy and more often than not, skanky.)

I didn't get home until 3am so there was no way I was going to get up in time for a visit to the gym. Besides which, I've now got brunch plans for 12:30 at Sugar. I haven't been there in a few years, but I loved the minimalist atmosphere and the mismatched tables and chairs. I remember their coffee as strong and good (no refills though) and they serve a great eggs benny, my favourite brunch meal. There was also talk of a visit to CasaLife afterwards, so I can go visit the Liberty bed I'll be buying later this year. I'll also be able to check out my condo site in person, after seeing it's progress online for the last few weeks.

Gotta go get ready now!

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