Monday, January 29, 2007

Class is cancelled!

Another productive, long weekend for the most part. I went to Bamiyan Saturday morning to pick up more supplies, mostly pearls and findings and spent the night working on a 5-strand necklace I had started last week. It was slow going since I injured my right index finger opening a bottle of wine. Silly me - I let my finger get in the way so the skin got caught and immediately puffed up. The darn digit is still tender and an angry-red. If I was at 100%, I would have gotten more work done but I'm not, so I only just finished the one piece Sunday morning.

I had a 45 minute massage booked for 1:15pm which I was a little late for thanks to the slow Sunday traffic. I asked the RMT to work on my back, shoulders and forearms and did she ever work me! Not so much my back, but I had no idea how tight my forearms were just from working with wire until she got her hands on them because they HURT! It was a good hurt, but dang!

After a quick shower at home, I headed back out again to source packaging. The boxes I want are being discontinued so I stocked up. If business goes well, I'll use all 160 and once they're gone, I'll have to figure something else out. If business is lackluster...well...I'll have a bunch of boxes left over. I'm going with a chocolate brown and pink theme but the boxes only come in white. I'm hoping that my great idea to spray paint them brown will work. (keeping my fingers crossed.) I also picked up a really pretty pink grosgrain ribbon to accent the package - I'll post pics later, if it works out. ;)

Sunday night was girls night in. I headed over to my friend N's house with a bottle of wine and a tub of green tea ice cream to complement our Asian theme night - we took a couple pages out of Hot Sour Salty Sweet and made tom yum goong, spring rolls and green curry chicken. It was a first attempt at these dishes for both of us and we were pleasantly surprised by how easy everything was - and quick! From start to finish, it took us maybe 75 minutes to prepare the 3 courses. I've been meaning to buy this cookbook and now that I've tried a few of the recipes, I'll definitely have to add it to my wishlist.

I took today off to see to some more business. I went to John Bead and was underwhelmed. The place is huge with TONS of stuff, yes, but not stuff that I wanted. They don't have much in the way of fresh water pearls and faceted semi-precious gemstone beads so I left empty-handed. I headed back downtown to visit Bamiyan again, but stopped at Lacy & Company first where I picked up a scale that can weigh in grams as well as carats, and some anti-tarnish solution.

And then I got home to the voicemail telling me that the JewelCAD class I had enrolled in was cancelled. The good thing is that I'll have my Tuesdays and Thursdays free, but the bad thing is that I'll probably have to wait until the fall at the earliest before the class is offered again. The message said I could call to enroll in another class otherwise they would give me a refund. If I had known 2 weeks ago that the class was going to be cancelled, I would have signed up for the drawing class, but it started 2 weeks ago so I think I'll just sit this term out and focus on my mandarin.

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