Friday, January 05, 2007

At least I ran

One thing I learned: Garbanzo beans and chickpeas are one and the same.

One thing I'm grateful for: My mother, who loves me so much that she makes me eat these nasty little black Chinese pills because I look tired and they're supposed to re-energize me or something.

One thing that made me laugh: Borat.

You know what they say about the best laid plans? Well. I had 3 to-dos on my list after work. The first was to go to the gym for a run, which I did do - 4.44K in 35 min. While I didn't beat my personal best of 5.4K in 40 min set this past Tuesday, the point is that I made it to the gym at all on a Friday night after work. Yay for me!

After dinner, I had planned to go out and pick up one of those accordian file organizers to keep track of my receipts and other assorted loose papers related to my business but I didn't make it.

My last to-do was to change the investment allocation in my work RRSP. But I forgot my log-in password and was locked-out after two attempts. And then I couldn't answer my challenge question - I think it's case-sensitive and I can't remember how I typed it I was locked out there to. I'm a dork.

My eyes have been heavy with sleep since about 8:30 and I don't know why I've been fighting it all this time. I'm heading to bed now...maybe having to get up at 7am this past week is finally catching up with me. I dunno. That's the only thing I can think of for my sad, sad state.



The Lone Beader said...

I never understood why chick peas have 2 different names.

And, I've found that when I'm tired at work (because I worked 2 jobs in one day and 30 hours straight)it helps to take Vitamin B12. That stuff really works.

phoenix said...

Haha! Oh, I think I've got the vitamins covered too, LB! I only have to take those nasty black pills for a period once a month, but the rest of the time, I take a multi-vitamin especially for women, a vitamin E supplement (for my skin) and an OPC pill, which is some sort of anti-oxidant!

While I'm skeptical about all these pills, my skin HAS improved because I've had little to no break-outs - even the hormonal ones. And I don't go for regular facials anymore, so maybe they are working!

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