Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How rewarding!

I got my credit card bill the other day and glanced at my reward points balance, which I don't normally do since I check my bill online and file away the hard copy when it arrives. Last I checked, I had enough points for a long haul flight to anywhere in continental North America, including Mexico, Hawaii and Alaska. I've since accumulated enough to fly to Europe! Woohoo!

I didn't have plans to travel this year since I figured I'd save the money for furniture, etc. but I can now fly abroad and visit my family in Amsterdam or London for free! Alternatively, I can continue accumulating points and I should have enough before year-end for a flight to Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Africa or South America! Oooh! Maybe I'll save my points and join my mother on her annual trip next year to HK/China to visit my grandparents!


Fletch said...

Keep saving.... Get enough points for a free trip to New Zealand... Gods own Country :o)

Ciao Ciao

The Lone Beader said...

Come to London! I'll be there for 10 days in April visiting friends, and I can't wait=:)

phoenix said...

Fletch - NZ sounds fantastic and I've been meaning to go back to that part of the world since I spent a couple weeks in Australia a few years ago. But with only 3 weeks of vacation a year, I better start saving up my vacation days too!

As for London, LB, it is so very tempting! My favourite cousin moved there from Amsterdam last summer and has been lobbying me to go visit her again this year - actually, she tried setting me up with a guy in London in the hopes that I would move there too - but long distance is not for me. ;)

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