Friday, June 29, 2007


I actually got into the office EARLY today - like before 8am - and have been at my desk prepping a file for my 9am weekly meeting with my SVP. He peeks over my cube wall and asks me how I take my coffee - he's going down to the Tim Hortons - "Medium, regular," says I. He makes some comment about how he doesn't do mediums, I'm going to get a I ask if he wants me to come with him to get the coffee, and he says, "I'll buy and I'll even deliver!"

So he just handed me my large, presumably regular, coffee. How's that for a way to start the Friday before the Canada Day long weekend?

Oh, and the other good thing is that we got an email from my Sr. Dir. yesterday afternoon with "Special Announcement" in the subject line:

Given the great weather going into the long weekend we will be "closing" the office at 12:00 noon tomorrow. Please enjoy and have a safe weekend.

Thank God it's a long weekend Friday! :)

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