Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance

I got home from my flamenco class tonight and So You Think You Can Dance was on, so I sat down to watch it while I had a late dinner. I'm not usually one for competitive reality TV - Survivor, Big Brother (except for season 3(?) because Will was cute), Amazing Race, America's Next Top Model, American Idol, etc. - but So You Think You Can Dance I just might be able to get into because there isn't the stupid fake reality drama - just dancing, which I really enjoy watching.

As for whether or not I can dance, well, I used to take dance classes as a kid - ballet and jazz - and I was pretty good, or at least I thought I was pretty good. And I can hold my own on the dance floor at a club, but I just can't seem to get even the simplest footwork pattern down. And to throw in the arms or hand movements? Forget it. I can't seem to do co-ordinate everything properly and I just get lost.

At least I understand now why there are about a dozen "regular girls" in my beginners' class. These middle-aged ladies have been taking the beginners' class over and over again because it's taken them that long to master the basics. It ALL makes sense now. So I am getting old! And that just makes me sad. :(

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