Friday, June 22, 2007

America's Greenest Executive

I've spent the last couple hours preparing for my mandarin class tomorrow morning by completing the exercises in my workbook - not really because I'm that dilligent a student, because if I was, I wouldn't be doing it the night before class. No. It's because I hate feeling frustrated, lost and clueless.

The exercises are written in Chinese characters, which I can't read particularly well. My instructor gives us at most, all of 10 minutes to decipher the Chinese text and answer the questions before taking it up in class. So I decided after the second time of showing up for class unprepared that it would be the last time if I could help it.

So here I am on a Friday night, doing my Chinese homework. But then I needed a I snacked on some juicy, sweet lichee - yum - and a crisp, seedless persimmon - soo good. And I did this while watching The Hour. The first interview was with Ray Anderson, founder and chairman of Interface, who I had never heard of before. He has been called America's Greenest Executive for being the first CEO to recognize and commit to environmental sustainability as early as 1994. Anyway, I shan't write any more on him...I've procrastinated long enough, but see his interview here if you are so inclined.

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