Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm going to be an Aunt!

My little sister is going to have a baby. Actually, for someone who's about 13 weeks along, she's not that little. She's actually quite big. She sent us a photo of her belly a couple weeks ago and she looks bigger than my friend who is about 4 weeks further along than she is!

Also, why do pregnant woman not smile in their belly shots? Of all the ones I've seen to date, the pregnant lady in question is standing in profile looking straight ahead - it's like a belly mugshot and all that's missing is the ruler on the wall. I suppose in this case, the ruler should run horizontally as opposed to vertically....Anyway, she's always hungry (has to eat every 2 hours otherwise she gets awful headaches) and craves beef - kalbi in particular - and rice, which might explain her fatness. If the cravings are anything to go by, this baby is going to favour his/her Chinese mama despite his/her Irish father.

It looks like our new addition will be a Sagittarian, but we'll be more certain on the due date when my sis goes in for her first ultrasound next Wednesday. She'll be coming home from Vancouver for a visit later this month so it'll be cool to see how much she's ballooned by then.

I still can't believe that I'm going to be an aunt. I suspect seeing her in person will make the prospect of my new title all the more real...

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