Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lazy-ish Sunday

I met S around 6:30 yesterday and we wandered down Queen West trying to find a restaurant to dine at and settled into Coca where we lingered over dinner and conversation until almost 11. Their citrus flan and their take on the creme brulee is sooooo yummy. Anyway, we walked back to her place where we chatted until 2 in the morning. I didn't get home and into bed until almost 3am, so I was less than pleased when I was woken up this morning before 9 by my next door neighbour's granddaughter who was caterwauling in their backyard.

It was just as well though since my mother would probably have woken me up anyway soon after to go visit my dad's grave site. We planted some flowers and then went for dim sum.

Since it was Father's Day today, I was bound and determined to have a popsicle in memory of my dad, who used to treat me to popsicles whenever I lost a tooth. I went through the mental debate as to whether I wanted the grape or cherry flavour since those were my favourites as a child...when I couldn't decide, I'd settled on getting both in my head, only to be thwarted at the moment of truth - the store only sold cherry and banana. So my earlier struggle was all in vain. *sigh*

I settled into my Sunday paper after grocery shopping with popsicle in hand in order to avoid my to-do list which included applying for a couple of jobs. When I finally worked myself up to it, I had problems with the online application tool because there were errors so I ended up not being able to apply after all. Grrr. Maybe it's because I have all this crap on my laptop - I should really clean up my hard drive since I'm nearing capacity and its been super-slow of late.

My friend R had sent me a text this afternoon asking if I wanted to go for a run today - the thought hadn't crossed my mind to go out, but I was glad that he asked because I had another great run. He was intent on an after-dinner run so I invited him over for dinner and off we went afterwards to run laps around my street, which is, in fact, a circuit.

We did two laps in about 35 minutes. I had no idea how long a distance it was but R drove the route on his way home and it's 2.3K - so we ran 4.6K tonight. And it was a great run because I did 2 sets of approximately R15/W2, and even though there was a shadow of a cramp the entire second lap, I fought it and didn't let it slow me down. I overcame! And I'm so proud of myself!

I'm glad R got my ass out of the house because prior to tonight's run, I was maybe running 5-6 sets of R4/W1. I'm feeling more confident that I can easily do 5K in September without embarassing myself. He's trying to work more cardio into his routine so I think I've got myself a new running buddy on the weekends. It's clear to me that I need the motivation of a training partner since the last time I ran was Monday. So yay R, and yay me!

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The Lone Beader said...

I would have chosen a cherry popsicle - grape might turn your mouth purple... LOL.

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