Friday, May 04, 2007

Shit Disturber

My brother is such a shit disturber.

The Toronto Raptors were up against the New Jersey Nets in a do-or-die game 6 tonight. Which is fine. Whatever. He went out with friends to a local bar to watch the game and what should he wear but a Nets jersey. And not just ANY Nets jersey, but Vince Carter's Nets jersey. The ex-Raptor that is so-hated in Toronto. I asked him if he was worried about getting his ass kicked - granted, he's a big guy, and by big, I don't mean fat. My kid brother works out and drinks protein shakes every day. But he thought it'd be "jokes," besides, he hates the Raptors. So off he went.

If only the Raptors hadn't lost by 1 point in the dying seconds of the game. We were so close!

He came home a little while ago chuckling to himself and 30 minutes later, he's still laughing. Apparently the only people who booed him were a couple of girls when he was leaving. My brother engaged them, jokingly saying, "What, are you going to fight me? Throw tomatoes at me? You probably throw like a girl." To which one of them replied, "I am a girl!"

I thought this was a funny story...but in hindsight, it's not in my recounting of it. I guess you just had to be there when he was re-telling it because when my brother laughs, his eyes get squinty and he looks a little dorky - which is endearingly sweet. For a shit disturber.

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