Thursday, May 03, 2007

DAM, baby!

After our visit at the State Capital, N and I made our way over to the Denver Art Museum's new Daniel Libeskind-designed addition. He's the architect responsible for the transformation of the ROM currently underway so I was curious to see one of his finished buildings up close and personal. (I was trying to be all artistic with this pic but in hindsight, it kinda looks, I was trying to keep the scaffolding out of the frame.)

Here's the companion condominium project Libeskind designed facing the DAM called the Museum Lofts:

Below is my DAM favourite. It's called Pater Noster by Sean Landers and I would have been content to stay however long was necessary to take it all in. It's essentially an over-sized canvas filled with his ramblings. This bit in particular sums it all up rather nicely:

I'm just a very nervous person. I guess that's why I fill large canvases with babbling.

Finally, one of my favourite things about the DAM is all the interactive elements scattered throughout. N and I built this particular piece below. It's made up of a number of loose pieces that may be attached to the core with magnets. We're artistic geniuses, right?

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