Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Random Tuesday

I woke up to the sounds of heavy spring rain but by the time I left the house for work, it had calmed to a drizzle. The sun peeked through the clouds by late morning so I went out during the latter half of my lunch hour for a walk.

My office is located near a neighbourhood of million dollar homes so I like to walk and daydream about one day living in such a home. This one here is my favourite:

It's certainly not the largest home in the neighbourhood but there's an English charm to its formal manicured hedges that I love.

Also, my hair is beginning to annoy me. This is the longest it's been maybe ever and since it grows super-fast I'm seriously due for a cut. My stylist has been on maternity leave since January and I called the salon today to see if they had any news on when she would be back. When I saw her last in December, she said she might take 6 months instead of the full year off, so I thought I'd just wait it out. But my hair has grown 6 inches since then and as they don't know yet when she'll be back, I can't wait another month or 2.

So, I've decided I must take action: I am going to cheat on my stylist. The same stylist who took me from long to short to long to super-short to long again in our 6 year relationship. I hopped on the internet for salon recommendations and reviews and made an appointment for this Sunday afternoon.

I feel guilty already.


william d. anderson said...

now you've got my curiousity up. what does your hair look like now? what did it look like super short? you brought it up...you're such a tease. now i'm curious.

phoenix said...

My super-short cut was styled after Halle Berry's signature 'do - very short and textured in the back...only I had long-ish bangs in the front that swept to the side. I never had so much fun with hair product! It was too high maintenance though - I'd spend about 30 minutes every morning styling it, plus, I had to get it cut every 4 weeks, which got to be rather expensive (btw, why are women charged more than men?) so that cut lasted about a year before I decided to grow it out again. Now it's mid-back in length and I'm thinking of lopping off maybe 4 or 5 inches...nothing crazy since I'll be sitting in a stranger's chair.

william d. anderson said...

youre talking to me about men's hair cuts? that's rich. did you see my profile pic? i haven't paid for a haircutin about 12 years. i started cutting to supershort in college, and have never wanted to wear it any differently. i'm afraid at this point...its not really any option. the stubble on top is a lot thinner than it used to be. i'm so lucky to have such a nicely shaped head. =)

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