Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm smitten

Michael Buble was on Cityline this morning with Marilyn Denis and I am now smitten.

I love his latest single, Everything - the melody is happy and the lyrics are so sweet and romantic - and when I saw the commercials last week advertising his appearance on the show, I set the timer on the VCR to tape it, and am I glad I did!

He's so genuine and charming and funny (which I didn't know) and babyface cute (which I did know, but babyface cute has never been my type), and I wish I could embed a link to the show here so that you could see for yourself - instead I've included a link to his video below!

When talking about women dragging their husbands to the show, Marilyn brings up the fact that he often jokes during his show about it being the lead up to sex, to wit:

I say, all the time, that my responsibility is simply to come on stage, we make the best music we can make, I put a little air in the tire, and that's it. And by putting a little air in the tire, I hope that the gentlemen get to go home and ride the bikes all night long.

(I'm reading this now and, taken out of context it sounds kind of ick and arrogant, but he's soo not.)

According to his website, he's appearing on CBC's The Hour with George Stromboulopoulos tonight at 11pm. Here's the link to his appearance.


The Lone Beader said...

What a cute song! I will say that I haven't been exposed to his music much, but I like his style. I'm now hoping that he comes to Boston soon so I can work the show. ;)

phoenix said...

I would be sooo jealous if you did!

He doesn't have any dates set for Toronto yet, he talked about it on Cityline - said he wanted to do a proper tour across the country so we'll see what's what.

He's on Oprah this Thursday so I'll be taping that too! ;)

william d. anderson said...

that's so cute. i wondered who would fall for that kind of cutsie woopsie guy. you may be the girliest girl i know (in a good way)...i didn't listen to his music, but i assume he's the harry connick 2007 version?

phoenix said...

I wouldn't say that I've fallen for him...but I'm certainly charmed by his personality. He's a good Canadian boy. :) And ya, I suppose you could liken him to Harry Connick, Jr.

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