Thursday, May 03, 2007

Misery and Ecstasy...sort of

I overdid it Friday night with drinks after dinner and woke up Saturday morning completely hung over and utterly miserable. It started off innocently enough with dinner at the Denver Chop House. I was craving red meat so we sat down for dinner where I had a pomegranate martini and then a glass of red wine. Then we went to Lime for margaritas and that's where it got ugly.

I pride myself on not being a cheap drunk. I'm usually good for about 5 or 6 martinis before I get smashed, which is not bad for a girl. Anyway. N ordered a Mighty Margarita for me - 21 oz of alcoholic goodness. And if I'd stopped at that, I probably would have been fine. But no. I foolishly followed that up with a couple Lemon Drops (so tasty) and a shot of Black Cherry something-or-other. Soon after getting home, I bowed before the porcelain goddess.

I'm also rather particular about showering before bed having never gotten into the habit of morning showers, and I must admit, the thought had crossed my drunken mind. In the end, I don't even remember if I bothered to brush my teeth. I just drank some water, changed into my pjs and fell into bed. I woke up the next morning to find the bedside lamp still on and thirsty as hell.

N had give me a bottle of Gatorade to drink the night before which I had ignored but decided to drink that morning. I was fine for the first hour and a half - I brushed my teeth, did some reading and wrote in my journal - but the goddess called again so before her I prayed. I don't think I can ever drink the tropical flavour again without feeling sick to my stomach.

N woke up an hour later and I didn't let on that I had been sick again. I suffered silently and was rather subdued when we went out for lunch. I was still feeling rather queasy at the restaurant so I didn't finish my chicken sandwich. We went back to his place afterwards where I napped for a couple hours and woke up feeling noticably more chipper.

We spent the lovely afternoon walking along the Pearl Street Pedestrian Mall in Boulder, which was so pretty with the spring flowers in full bloom.

We stopped at a Super Target on the way back to Denver since I had never been to a Target and wanted to see what all the hype was about. I was impressed by the housewares but underwhelmed by the fashion. Perhaps the selection would have been better if we had gone to a regular Target. Oh well.

We had a quick dinner at Steubens and then headed to Dazzle where we had reservations to see Joel Harrison perform. I wasn't familiar with his music but a friend had recommended him and I like to check out jazz venues whenever I'm travelling in lieu of going to a club. We sat about 15 feet from the stage near the front and to the side where I had the perfect view of the very cute drummer. He was just my type with dark hair and eyes, and I remember thinking that all he needed was a pair of glasses and he'd be perfect. And whaddayknow, after the performance, he slipped on a pair of glasses and my heart smiled. Silly, I know, but eye candy is always appreciated!

Aside: It's obviously prom season in Denver because I saw teenagers decked out in their formal wear Friday and Saturday night out for dinner at various restaurants. It's different from my (Canadian) prom experience since our prom tickets included dinner along with the dance. N's friend D who grew up in Illinois said that his prom didn't include dinner either, so I guess it's an American thing.

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