Thursday, May 17, 2007

I went for a run. Outside.

I just got back from a run - outside! - with wL and I fared a lot better than expected in the elements.

This was my first time running outside since, oh, maybe my grade 9 gym class. I was never particularly interested in being active - the sweat and grime just doesn't appeal, you know? - so I just avoided it. There have been half-hearted attempts since that last (required) gym class to run but I always gave up since I'd get painful shin-splints.

I decided around my last birthday that I must learn to run - so many people get enjoyment out of it; it's a good way to keep fit; and the roads are always open (actually, that's what my t-shirt says); and I have since worked up to a comfortable 5K on the gym treadmill. So comfortable that I was getting a little...bored.

So, with some goading from my friend A at work, I've decided to work towards entering a 10K race next year, hence running outside, which brings me to my just completed 4K run in about 30 minutes with wL, who's a great running partner. We fell into an easy rhythm - I only lagged behind a little - and he was good about setting goal posts for me: "we'll stop at that blue sign," or "we'll start running at that intersection up ahead."

We did (loose) intervals of R5-W1 and while I cramped up just a little they didn't cease me so I was able to keep up. Yay for me!

wL and I have a running date Saturday morning for 10. Perhaps we'll be able to tack on an extra K. :)


william d. anderson said...

i swear you and i are in a parallel existence somehow. yesterday...i went for a jog. my first in maybe 10 years. i've started a couple of times over the years, but never got to more than 2-3 runs before i decided, i didn't like the pain of it.

and this morning as i was waiting for an appointment, i was reading a book on writing. (i have never given writing any thought beyond using spellcheck before sending an email) (obviously, if you've read what i've written, you know that's true) so now with 30-40 hits on my blog everyday (i never expected anyone else to see what i was writing...but in a way i like having the interaction) so anyway, the chapter that i read as i was waiting was on story openers. the initial paragraph that sets up the content, or the hook that is supposed to compell the writer to keep reading. so strange that you posted these two things.

unfortunately i cant crowbar some story about lilac falling from the sky...or i would have had a grand slam.


phoenix said...

Life's funny and rather unexpected that way, non?

I forgot to mention that I had a bit of a headache in the latter half of my run...I guess the euphoria of completing 4K outside on my first try helped me forget...and a bit of a cough - runner's cough, hehe.

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