Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Good news and not so good news....

But first the good news: I made an appointment today to pick out the finishes and upgrades for my condo!! I'm so excited! And it all started with a voicemail, followed by some panic.

I returned to the office after a long weekend away in Denver (more on this later) to find a voicemail waiting for me. It turned out to be H at the condo sales office asking if they could fax me a copy of the architect's floorplan for approval. No big deal right?

Well. When I got the fax, I freaked a bit because it wasn't my unit. It was labelled my unit, but it wasn't the floorplan that I had agreed to buy. So I immediately called back and was told by H to fax her back with details of my concerns since she was just handling the administration.

I later spoke with a sales agent who told me that they only handle the sales - I would have to speak with the developer about any potential changes to the floorplan. Gee. Thanks for your help there, buddy!

Anyway, L, who I was referred to at the developer, was super-nice. She told me that she was aware of the floorplan mix-up and was actually going to call me to talk about that, and to set up an appointment to decide on my finishes and upgrades(!) She assured me that she would speak to the architect about the floorplan and have it fixed so that when I see her for our design appointment, I'll have the right floorplan to approve. Disaster averted! For about 15 minutes there, I was worried that I'd have to call my lawyer to figure out what to do next if they were going to change the floorplans on me! So that's the good news.

The not so good news is that the tentative occupancy for my building has been bumped to next May. So another year...which isn't the end of the world, certainly...but still a bit of a bummer.

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