Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Denver Package Tour

I flew into Denver last Thursday night around 7:30. N wanted to take me to Cherry Creek Grill but we would have had to wait at least 40 minutes for a table and since I was still on Toronto time and hadn't had dinner I was starving and couldn't wait. So we went to Chez Jose's instead for monster burritos. SO GOOD.

My first full day in town started off fairly early with breakfast at Gunther Toody's Diner. N dropped me off afterwards on his way to work at the Starbucks near Cherry Creek Mall where I read and sipped a latte until the mall opened at 10. I spent the next 4 hours shopping - which sounds crazy but really wasn't because I bought 2 things, well, 11 things: a really cute summer short-sleeved dresscoat/trench from Forever 21 that was super-cheap, and 10 bottles of assorted shower gels and body lotions at Victoria's Secret because they were on sale - 10 for $35. :)

N got off work a little early and met me for a late lunch around 2:30 at Cherry Creek Grill, where we had the grilled artichoke heart to start. Yum.

Then we headed towards the first stop of N's standard package Denver tour: The State Capital building. Here's a really pretty gate near the capital steps with motifs that are significant to Colorado state:

One of the many shots N took of me taking a picture of something or other this past weekend:

I still can't get over how perfectly blue the sky was. I really lucked out with the weather. Note to self: When did the hair get so long?? Also, better start toning up the triceps because they're looking rather soft!

And, luckily for me, it just so happened to be the last day of the 2007 Capital Quilt Show presented by the Colorado Quilting Council. I know little about quilts and how they're made, but here are a few of my favourites out of the 342 on display:

Old-Fashioned Sunbonnets by Marge Bachand

"I worked making each block while taking care of my hsuband and quilted a block a day. I added the prairie points because I didn't want a plain border."

Purple and Yellow Make Brown by Sharon Woodard

"This quilt was made based on the 12-six and one half inch blocks that were made by my quilt guild friends. They used purples and yellows in their blocks and returned them to me in a brown bag."

Flowers Spectactular by Margo Werle and Jane Werle

"Mother/daughter quilt. Mom hand appliqueed the blocks, daughter helped set it. It's a Piece O' Cake Flourishes block of the month quilt, two generations in the making. Quilted by Victoria Grill."

Choose to Achieve: A Baltimore Album by Glenda Brown

"My first major hand applique project, this quilt became mental and physical therapy following diagnosis of an auto-immune condition that affected my hands. Quilted by Lakewood Christian Church Quilters."


adrienne said...

Really interesting and entertaining posts on your trip. I'm glad you had a DAM good time.

S said...

Hey You!
I love the quilts! They are so pretty. I think we should take a quilt-making class someday in the future. (Well, perhaps we can wait a while.)

Ros said...

I love your pictures
I have been trying to get the pattern for the Flourishes quilt(the Margo Werle on)
Does anyone know where I can get one
Ros Gale

Ros said...

I forgot my email address for the flourishes quilt pattern
Ros Gale

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