Saturday, July 05, 2008

Painting Finger

I stopped by my refinisher's this afternoon to check out the paint sample they're proposing for my dressers. I want them painted a bright white, and the colour they've sampled for me to see is an antique white that errs on the cream, so off I went afterwards to pick out my own white, Behr's Ultra Pure White.

I spent over an hour there chatting first about the paint and then about the armchair, which I was thinking of painting black and re-upholstering in a fresh white and green fretwork pattern...but M thinks the fabric may be too light. I'm not ready to give up yet...I'll call BB Bargoons back to ask about the rub count on the fabric...and if it's insufficient, I'll just have to head back out to search again. There's no rush to get the chair finished in time...but I need my dressers for the move and M has promised to have them ready for me. So yay!!

I spent the rest of the late afternoon spray-painting my screen-cum-headboard a glossy white. 3 cans and 2 cramped-up index finger later I'm thinking let's forget about painting both sides of the screens and just do the one which will face out. It will probably be another 3 cans of paint at least to have them evenly covered on the one side and am I really going to use them as a screen afterwards? I mean, really?? Short-sighted of me, I know, but my finger hurts! The skin on my right index is tender like the skin gets when you're developing a blister. It's THAT bad! (Plus, I'm wimp.)

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