Thursday, July 17, 2008

OMG the colour!

I LOVE tulips - they are one of my favourite flowers and I literally gasped out loud at the brilliant hues of the field of tulips above.

From the article:

With more than 10,000 hectares devoted to the cultivation of these delicate flowers, the Dutch landscape in May is a kaleidoscope of giddy colours as the tulips burst into life.

The bulbs were planted in late October and early November, and these colourful creations are now ready to be picked and sold as bunches of cut flowers in florists and supermarkets.

More than three billion tulips are grown each year and two-thirds of the vibrant blooms are exported, mostly to the U.S. and Germany.

I want a couple bunches of the brilliant fuschia and purple ones at the top of the photo! via

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