Thursday, July 10, 2008

Status Check

It's mid-term appraisal time at work and I've begun thinking about my job and whether or not it's perhaps time to move on. This thinking was spurred by the announcement that one of my contacts in Finance is leaving, as well as a conversation with AL. Then today, I got an email from AD, who I haven't been in contact with in over 6 months.

He forwarded a job posting for a role that is not dissimilar to the one I have now, but likely pays I'm definitely re-evaluating, whereas when AL asked me if I had given any thought to new options, my answer was that I was pretty content and engaged still in the work I was doing.

Now that I've thought about I really learning anything new? A model is a model is a model...the variables change but the framework is essentially the same. Perhaps a new challenge in the way of a change in industry wouldn't be out of order...or would setting up a new home AND looking for a new job be just a little too much new-ness?


adrienne said...

You know, it wasn't really all that long ago that you were having much the same conversation with yourself. That time, you decided to stay. Maybe it's time to re-evaluate if you're thinking it again.

sidewise said...

I hope the re-evaluation process is going well. Maybe you just need to go to an interview to help you figure things out. ;) I actually thought about doing the Publishing certificate in Ryerson at one point but also heard that publishing is not the most glamorous career. I finally made a move today - I registered for the "Feature Writing for the Freelance Market" continuing ed course. At least that will keep me occupied while I think about other potential career moves.

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