Thursday, July 10, 2008

5 weekends and counting...

...before my big move!

On the To-Do List for this weekend:
~ drop off dressers at the refinisher's
~ spray end tables*
~ complete mortgage application form
~ organize my out-of-season shoes
~ itemize the already-packed boxes in the basement
~ give myself a pedicure
~ colour my hair because my grey roots are showing :(

* My original intention was to have the pair of icky brass finish end tables nickel-plated, but after calling around to get estimates for that and the drawer pulls for my dressers, it looks like a no-go for the tables because they're too big for whatever machine metallurgists use to plate things. So, plan B is to spray them in a chrome finish. It's SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper too, considering that what I paid for 2 cans of paint is about on par with the cost of having one drawer pull nickel-plated!

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