Friday, July 18, 2008

Sleek 'n' Slim

I stopped by the Future Shop last week to pick up photos and was surprised by how affordable the HD flat panel TVs were with prices starting at $600 - I always thought they were $1000+ so I figured I'd have to wait a year or 2 before getting a sleek 'n' slim set.

I was flipping through the flyers last night and asked my brother how much he paid for his TV and why they were so cheap (it's all relative, I know) he started rhyming off things like resolution and contrast ratios and the like. We then exchanged the following dialogue:

Bro: Why don't you get a Sony TV?
Me: Why a Sony? Are they better?
Bro: I have a gift card with about $700 on it.
Me: (pause) Does this mean you're giving me the card?
Bro: (shrug) Sure.
Me: Really? Cool!

So instead of working, I googled Sony TV reviews last night and stopped at the Future Shop and Sony Store today after work to ask some questions.

I'm thinking 32" is just about the right size...not too big and not too for the model, I'm thinking this one in particular for the pixels and contrast ratio and blah blah blah, plus it looks good:

So in return for the TV, I offered to take him to Italy with me. I'd already planted the seed with our cousins in Europe about a reunion in Italy next Spring so it'd be fun to have my brother there.

His reply? "If I have time."


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