Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Right Hand Ring

I had about an hour to kill tonight before meeting my friends for dinner so what did I do but spend it at a mall? Besides, I needed to pick up some stuff at MAC anyway, which took all of 15 minutes...which left me with another 45 to while away.

I wandered through the mall, stopping at Aritzia where I tried on a cream-coloured Mackage coat trimmed in leather that I first saw a couple weeks ago. I was soo tempted to buy it the first time around, but my friend talked some sense into me, telling me I should wait since it was still technically summer.

Now it's no longer summer, it's fall...and the reasonable, rational part of me thinks it's still too soon to be buying winter coats, but the savvy shopper in me knows that this coat ain't going on sale...if anything, it'll be sold out, so I best buy it now...I refrained though...only because the teenaged sales associate was so irritating. She kept referring to the coat as beige when it is so clearly cream. And she kept going on about how I'd regret it if I bought the black one instead of the beige one and that the beige one really looked good on me but so did the black one. I just wanted her to shut up...but I kept the bitch in. I ended up buying a fudge-coloured tna zip-up sweat instead, which I didn't even need, but it was so comfy.

Then I walked into Birks, just for fun and ended up trying on this fantastic right hand ring, which is rather reminiscent of Tiffany's Bubbles ring. I love the look of Tiffany's version but it makes my finger look stubby. Birk's version looks perfect on my finger...and the price is certainly friendlier, too. Of course, I was only turned onto this style of ring again after seeing an ad for Fortunes Fine Jewellers in the latest edition of Toronto Life. How beautiful is this ring here:
I'm guessing the price point will be closer to Tiffany's than Birks given the number of diamonds in the band, which is definitely more than I am willing to spend on a piece of jewellery at this point in time. This is a ring that makes a statement...and the thought did cross my mind tonight as I was fantasizing about buying it whether it would scare a guy off. You know, same reason my mother was wary of me buying my own place: "If you have your own place, you may intimidate any guys who would like to get close to you because guys want to feel needed, that they can provide for you. If you can so obviously take care of yourself, you may end up having to do so forever."

But come on, it's the 21st century after all. Guys aren't really intimidated by girls who can take care of themselves...are they?

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