Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What to do?

So I'm sort of at a crossroads in my career right now: While I enjoy the work that I do in my current position, I'm not always busy and challenged--I was told upon joining the group that there would be ebbs and flows...I just didn't expect the ebbs to last so long. It will be 2 years in November and I have to decide whether I want to stay or go.

I've interviewed with another company in a different industry for a similar role, and it sounds very promising...but so did this job. And while I believe I have a really good chance given that I was referred so highly, I can't seem to muster up suitable enthusiasm.

I've been half-heartedly scanning the job postings on Workopolis but am being very choosy about what I want to do next. Most of the openings out there seem to be in Finance, and to date, I've bypassed those postings completely. I'm not exactly keen on going back there. So why do I find myself interested in just such a role after reviewing the posting last night?

Could it be the promise of being consistently busy doing relatively routine work which, until very recently, was anathema to me? I've been rather bored the last couple weeks: with the M&A project I was working on sort of on hold until the execs decide what they want to do, I've been keeping busy reading the annual report of our competitor, which isn't exactly a scintillating read. So the prospect of going back to the staid banking world and putting together P&Ls is looking pretty good right about now.

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