Monday, October 02, 2006

Status, NYC and Billy doors

I didn't do anything at work today because there was no work for me to do, so I surfed the net. My bi-weekly status meeting was scheduled for today, so my manager and I went out for a coffee. Over the course of our 1 hour meeting, I told him I was bored and he asked me if I was looking for a new job, so I told him yes. It was a fairly honest meeting, and considering he is just as frustrated by how not busy we are, he understood where I was coming from. Long story short, he offered to serve as my reference if I needed one.

When I got back to my desk, there was an email waiting for me from my girlfriend based in LA. We've been talking about doing a girls' weekend somewhere and after some discussion, decided on NYC sometime over the Remembrance Day weekend. She's arriving at JFK via Milan as she'll be there for business, and I'll be flying in from Toronto to meet her. With her travel itinerary confirmed, I could book my flight.

I was hoping to book a flight using points and went through all the reward programs I'm a member of: I had more than enough Aeroplan points for a flight but the times that there were seats available were just not convenient. I also had enough points to book a flight through my Avion Visa, but the cost of my flight exceeded the maximum allowable dollar value. My final option was through AIR MILES, and I was a little skeptical as to the availability of flights, but lo and behold, there were plenty of options available.

Now, flights from Toronto to NYC normally land in LaGuardia, but I'll be flying American Airlines this time and there just so happens to be one flight from TO to NYC's JFK. The happy coincidence is that my flight arrives just about the time my girlfriend will probably clear customs from her flight via Milan, so we should be able to meet at JFK and get a ride into town together! Yay!! NYC, here we come!

The rest of my evening was rather frustrating as it was spent trying to put the house back in order--which, like the renovations before this, seems to be taking forever. My brother helped move more furniture up from the basement and then decided to selfishly go to the gym. (I hate that I always have to remind him that he lives in this house too.)

Anyway, we had spent this past Saturday putting together our Billy bookcases but hadn't gotten around to putting the pretty Nickleby doors on. I thought it would be so easy but it turned out to be so hard. Even with my brother's help it took us a stupid 1.5 hours to put a pair of doors on! We still had one more Billy to see to, but by the time we were finished the first pair, it was 11 pm, and we were tired from our ordeal. There's time enough to deal with it tomorrow.

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