Thursday, October 05, 2006

Boys are more than stupid

My brother got on my last nerve tonight. I've been waiting for him to help me put on the doors to our last Billy bookcase and he's been unavailable for the last couple nights.

He was surfing on the laptop with the TV on in the background when I asked for help and he said he'd help me "later." And that's when I lost it on him.

Even though the renovations are done, the house still looked like a mess. My mother is slowly losing her mind (no joke here--among other things, she's completely forgetful and I worry about her sometimes) and I've been busy at work doing NOTHING when I'd rather be home cleaning and organizing so that the house looks like a home again.

My brother? He comes home, eats dinner, and then decides that he's going to go to the gym to work out when there's shitloads to do at home. He's NOT ONCE asked whether he can help with anything. And when he's asked, it's on his time.

So I got pissed. So pissed that I couldn't articulate how pissed I was. And I cried angry, frustrated tears. And my mother had to get pissed too.

After much yelling on both our parts, he finally hauls his ass upstairs from the basement and he's giving me attitude, as if I was in the wrong. For something that took him all of 20 minutes to do, he had to be a jerk and get everyone upset.

One thing we have in common in our family is quick tempers...but the good thing is that we don't hold grudges. He realized what an ass he was in the 20 minutes it took us to finish putting on the doors and he ended up helping the rest of the night. And what a difference in the house.

The paint cans and other stuff that littered the centre hall have been cleared away and we hung up some art work. My mother's little TV in the kitchen was installed and that brought a smile to her face.

Our house looks like a home again...mostly. There's more work to do this weekend but the house should be in some semblance of order for Thanksgiving dinner. What a relief that is! :)

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