Monday, September 01, 2008

Mi Casa

I've spent the weekend labouring away, shopping for things on my never-ending list of things to buy (it just occured to me yesterday that I need a can opener!), packing stuff up at mom's to unpack and organizing them in mine. It's still rather a bit of a mess as you can see from the lovely vignette below:

Despite the disorder, the mirror and lamps make me happy just looking at them - imagine the disorder away.

My comfy couch dressed with the bed pillows I picked up in Vancouver is an island oasis in my space:

All that's missing are the end tables and lamps...which I've yet to set up. I've got a few other ideas in mind, like Ikea's Andrea rug in purple, and maybe a clear glass coffee table like Structube's Visio coffee table...but I think I'll wait until after I'm back from China because hopefully by then construction inside the building will be complete and the dustbin that is the interior will be a distant memory.

And here's the bathroom, mostly organized:

I'm thinking about colour on the walls because it seems really white...but that's way down on the priority list behind my Tulip table and dining chairs.


Wanderluster said...

Su Casa looks great Phoenix! I love the mirror.

sidewise said...

Wow. It's really coming together. I LOVE your lamps and your shower curtain. :)

phoenix said...

Thanks, ladies! The mirror is from Liberty in Vancouver, the lamps from Homesense and the shower curtain from Urban Barn, although I've seen it also at Home Outfitters and Urban Outfitters. :)

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