Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So far so good...

I cooked for the first time in my new place tonight with groceries I picked up on the way home in Chinatown and it felt good. I opened up a bottle of wine, half-listened to the news and made rigatoni.

I haven't been spending much time here with my sister visiting with Piglet, but since she left today, I'll be able to give settling in my focused attention. The last couple trips home to my mother's I've loaded up my car with bags and boxes of stuff. A good half of my wardrobe is still uptown, including just about all my shoes, my bag collection and all of my fall/winter wardrobe. It's a long weekend thought and I fully expect to have most of my wardrobe moved down.

My pantry is also rather sad but I figure I can see to that this weekend too. Soon...very soon...I will be done and then my mind will quiet down and I'll have fewer things to add to my running list of to-dos. :)

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