Sunday, August 17, 2008

Feels like home

I don't know what I would do without my family. Despite the grumbling from my siblings - actually, just my brother - and a bit of stress and frustration on my part and my Uncle's because I didn't have everything on hand for installation this afternoon (he's the tool guy with the mad skillz) everyone pulled together: My sister and brother put together the last couple Malms which are now lined up across from my bookcases, my mother finished putting my kitchen in order and saw to organizing the cardboard and packing materials, and I helped my Uncle install the hotel towel rack in my bathroom and one of the Rubbermaid Customizable Closet kits (the pre-installed hardware in the closet is beyond crappy.)

What's missing now are my dressers. I moved my summer wardrobe down today and until my dressers arrive (hopefully tomorrow!) I will be living out of bags.

Pictures to come...

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Sublime said...

Hi Phoenix,

Just stopping by to catch up and say hi! My only advvice for making moving more bearable is DON'T DO IT! And, well, you've already done So, stay sane and if you've already passed that point as well, go shopping for new housewarming gifts :)

I'm trying to get The Big Question going again, so pop over if you get a chance.

Take care,

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