Friday, August 01, 2008

View from my balcony

My pre-delivery inspection was yesterday and for the most part, it went well, if you call well the fact that all the doors were banged up a bit along the edges so I wonder how "touching up" will make them good as new again.

The bigger issue is the floors. The hardwood looked didn't at all resemble the Walnut that I had upgraded looked like cheap laminate. So I'm waiting for confirmation about whether or not the floor that was installed was what I had paid for...I was supposed to get a call back today, and when I didn't hear from them this morning, I called in the afternoon to follow-up and got the voicemail. I suppose they'd taken off for the long weekend. So now I wait until Tuesday - rather impatiently. Grrr.

Oh. And I confirmed as well that the new development currently on sale just south of me will be blocking my view above come once they hit the 60% sales target, they can break ground and I'm guessing I won't be enjoying my balcony very much since it'll be dusty and loud out there. Lovely. Feeling a bit bummed about moving now. sigh.


The Lone Beader said...

Wow. Fabulous view!!

sidewise said...

What a great view. Hopefully that new development will be delayed so maybe you can have your view until 2013 - at least!

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