Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moving Day

Today was the day and we got off to a late start. I was still packing this morning since Piglet and watching the Olympics last night were quite the distraction. We picked up the truck around 10:30 and headed back home to pack some more. After a quick lunch, we began loading up the truck which only took an hour - good thing since we had to make a stop to pick up my dressers at the refinishers, which didn't move in with me today because the paint job wasn't acceptable.

There were obvious drip spots and I was given a reasonable explanation about the fact that the dressers were going from a dark finish with a reddish undertone to the extreme of a stark white, so, as a result they had to put multiple layers on because the red bled through, blah blah blah. Keeping my fingers crossed that when next I see them, they'll be as near perfect as possible.

We got to my place around 3pm and the building manager who had my key was nowhere to be found. We waited around for at least half an hour before he decided to show himself so by the time we moved everything in, it was nearly dinner time. None of the items identified on my pre-delivery inspection were attended to and I wonder if they will be within the 30 days since 11 of the 14 units on my floor appear to be incomplete.

The one bright spot is that I met the neighbour to my right and he is cute! AND he has an accent. :)


Jane Flanagan said...

Congrats on the big move! Don't worry about the little glitches... everything will come out in the wash.

The Lone Beader said...

Good luck moving into your new place! :D

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