Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Days

When I went to bed last night, I was hoping for a snow day since we'd all gotten a voicemail from HR asking us to call in to check our messages to see if the office would be open. The forecasters had been calling for 10-20cm of snow in Toronto. In actuality? Not so much. Regions west of Toronto got upwards of 70cm. Here? With all the blowing, we might have had 5cm on our driveway this morning, if that.

I had a grand plan to stay at home in my PJs all day. I was going to watch daytime TV and eat chocolate. But my plan was thwarted by Old Man Winter and I had to make my way into work instead.

The drive this morning took me thrice as long so I didn't get into the office until about 9:30. I don't mind driving, but stop and go traffic is the worst because I get BORED. There's nothing to do! If I was on the subway and it took extra long, I wouldn't care, because that just meant more time for me to read my paper or book...but in the car? Being stuck in the car is the worst.

I had back to back meetings over a 4 hour span, the second of which was a lunch meeting that lasted 3 hours. At least the food was good.

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