Friday, February 09, 2007

My dummy's here!

I left work early today and stopped in to visit a couple wholesalers. I've been looking for earring display stands and found the perfect ones for $2 each - so I bought 4 of each size. Here's the sketchy thing though: It's one of those Chinese places where if you pay cash, there's no tax. So I paid $24 for the 12 stands I bought...and when I asked for a receipt, I was told that they don't give receipts. When I asked for one, the saleswoman picked up a random piece of scarp paper and wrote $24 and the date on it - as if I couldn't do that on my own! When I asked for a card because I needed a receipt to claim the expenses, she said she'd write the details on the card, and to "validate" my sale, she signed it. Weird, non?? I think she was just too lazy to write up a receipt for me given the small volume.

The good news? I arrived home today around 5:30 to find that the dummy I had ordered off EBay to model my jewelry had come! Now I can start photographing my jewelry for my portfolio.

I've been procrastinating the last week in regards to the administrative stuff - while I've priced everything, I haven't actually put pen to paper to label the pieces...and I still have to finish painting my boxes brown and attaching the ribbons to them....the list is long....and I better get my ass in gear because next weekend's Chinese New Year...and what better time to make my debut then when the ladies will be shopping for new accessories to dress up the new year?

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