Monday, February 26, 2007

Retail Therapy

I'm feeling overwhelmed with everything that I need to do for my business. I'd been so focused on getting everything ready for sale in the store - jewelry, displays, packaging, pricing, etc - that I hadn't even thought about a pricing model for taking custom orders. SOO much to think about.

I've also been so focused on jewelry that I haven't had a chance to shop for anything really fun for me at all in the last few months. All of my "discretionary" expenditures have been business-related and the need for some retail therapy has been growing stronger in the last couple weeks.

To backtrack a bit, I spent last Monday afternoon setting up the display - it looks great - and had good news to go with it: I've been asked to provide jewelry for a fashion show that will be taped for a Chinese talk show to air nationally(!) So I've spent the last week thinking up designs to match some of the dresses...and I'm still thinking and dreaming. I skipped my mandarin class Saturday afternoon and spent it shopping for beads and worked on a couple designs yesterday.

I took the day off today to work some more and also dropped in to visit with my friend E, who's store my jewelry is selling in. She was consulting with a customer, so I played dress-up and tried on a bunch of gowns, this lovely goddess-style gown in a deep coral colour above among them.

I've had my eye on it since E first laid it out last Monday and now that I've tried it on, I simply MUST have it. I have nowhere to wear it as of yet, but once something comes up, I'll be ready with a gown. It's going to be used in the fashion show in a couple weeks so I couldn't take it home with me today, but I will....soon. :)

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