Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy birthday, Sis!

It's my lil' sister's birthday today and we only just put her birthday package together last night and posted it today. My gift to her was a gift card to Chapters-Indigo and this necklace, which I had actually started last week(!):

I wired Swarovski crystals and keshi pearls to a sterling silver chain. The colours include tanzanite, fuchsia, montana, amethyst, lilac and black diamond - not my original intention. I started off with a bluer palette and a mix of pearls and stones as you can see below, but things changed as I started working.

I spent a couple hours on it that first night last week, and ignored it the rest of the weekend to focus on getting my jewelry ready for the store (20 pieces were put on display and available for sale Monday!) and of course, there were the lunar new year festivities.

I spent a couple hours on it Monday night and packed it up yesterday with the gifts and goodies from the rest of the family. Hopefully she'll like it...I suspect it may be a little too girly and pretty for her, but who knows? It actually might be a little too girly and pretty for me...but she's way cuter than I am. ; )

Happy Birthday, T!!!

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The Lone Beader said...

That's a great necklace!! I like the pearls. I have some pearls that I hope will one day make it into one of my pieces...

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