Sunday, June 07, 2009

Weekend Update

I had a few friends over last night for dinner and served salmon with chili-mango salsa and lemon risotto - 2 recipes that are super simple and definite keepers. The sangria was also a hit, although there was a mishap out on the balcony that led to a note slid under my neighbour downstair's door with apologies and the request to call or email at their convenience for the return of my wooden spoon and pitcher lid.

We watched as dusk settled into night and enjoyed the LED light show that was the CN Tower. If you click on the photo below, you can see the moon playing hide and seek in the clouds:

As has been my usual habit, I was up before 9am today and decided to make the most of the morning and headed out for a run down by the lake. I hadn't mapped a route and just ran. My strategy in working up to the 10 Mile run in 5 weeks is to start with the walk-run intervals again...though not very strict in timing. I've just been running and stopping for walks at random-ish milestones. I play mind games with myself and think, I'll stop and walk at that next big tree up there...when I hit that gate, I'll start running again...I'll walk the length of this parking lot and start running again when I reach those stairs and take them up...silly things like that. Despite being silly, it's working. I ran just over 13K today in about 96 minutes which is the farthest distance I've run. The weather was perfect too - just cool enough with a good breeze coming off the water and I felt pretty strong out there because I probably could have gone further.

Since getting home I've caught up on So You Think You Can Dance which I'd PVR'd during the week, done a couple loads of laundry and changed the sheets on my bed for the graphic trellis design I picked up last month. I'm rather looking forward to slipping between my new linens tonight!

But before beckons... :(

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SweDaisy said...

Hey the balcony looks great! I love the sectional.

take care,

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